India’s Most Preferred Initiative

UBM India will give the country the people’s most preferred jewellers based on an independent consumer survey done by a leading market research agency.

This initiative will not only give to the industry & the world its most preferred brands but also back it with solid independent research. The agency will conduct a due diligence process which will comprise of Desk research & Primary research comprising of consumer based independent surveys.

The consumer survey is conducted in over 24 cities across India among the respondent profile of 80% Female & 20% Male from SEC A1 & A2 which have an annual household income of INR 12 Lakh or more.

Only the jewellers who are finalised based on research will have an exclusive opportunity to license the logo unit of ‘India’s Most Preferred’ for a period of 2 years.

Key Selection Criterias

Customer Perference
in the defined SEC
Trust Factor
Collection Focus
& Range of Products

Proud &
Service Quality
Overall Brand
Recognition & Recall


Leaders from
Jewellery Industry

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Members of
the Ministry

Reasons to Attend

Review latest best
business practices

Witnessing the industry
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Networking with the
industry leaders

Insights & visions of
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