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    Honouring the Real Gems of
    India's Jewellery Industry
    Indias most preferred initiative will give to the industry
    the top 100 of the country's most prefered jewellers.
    Our widely acclaimed jewellery portfolio delivers the perfect
    combination of outreach and yearlong engagements
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Key Selection Criteria

  Awareness of the brand is the customer knowledge about Jewellery brand / store seen or heard through the different sources
  Familiarity with the brand is the extent to which customer knows about Jewellery brand / store. It depends on the customer interaction and involvement with the brand / store.
  Brand consideration is that the Jewellery brands / store is under consideration for the purchase of Jewelry.
  Customer’s preference level for the Jewellery brand / store to purchase the Jewelry in the future.
Repeat Purchase
  The Jewellery brands / stores to which customer would like to go back more than once to purchase the jewelry.
  The Jewellery brands / stores which customer would like to recommend to others (friends, family, colleagues etc.)
Trusted Jeweller
  The Jewellery brand / store which customers think is transparent and honest in dealings and can be trusted.
Innovative Jeweller
  The Jewellery brand / store where customers get new designs, customized offerings and value added services not available at other stores.
Attractive Design
  The Jewellery brand / store which offers attractive designs which customers like in the first look and are tempted to buy.
Quality of Jewellery
  The Jewellery brand / store which offers quality jewellery with regard to precision, purity, fineness and durability.
Best Bridal Collection
  The Jewellery brand / store which offers best bride collections, ethnic or modern for brides as one stop purchase destination.

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What is India’s Most Preferred

India’s Most Preferred Initiative - UBM India will give to the industry the top 100 country’s most preferred Jewellers.

This initiative will be carried out in association with MRSS to not only give to the industry & the world its most preferred brands but also back it with solid independent research. UBM India along with MRSS will conduct a due diligence process which will comprise of Desk research & Primary research comprising of consumer based independent surveys.

MRSS is the only Market Research company in the space in India listed on BSE SME Exchange – greater vision, greater commitment!

The consumer survey is conducted in over 24 cities across India among the respondent profile of 80% Female & 20% Male from SEC A1 & A2 which have an annual household income of INR 12 Lakh or more.

Only the jewellers who are finalised based on research will have an exclusive opportunity to license the logo unit of ‘India’s Most Preferred’ for a period of 2 years.


Chitrangada Singh, Actor
  It is a great platform for all the jewellers & a great encouragement. In India since we love jewellery, to have this kind of awards is fantastic.
J.S. Solitaire
  This is a superb idea because when we put in so much of efforts and someone appreciates it feels great. I think it’s a brilliant platform for all the young jewellers. This platform is a recognition of our work and the efforts that we all put in.
KK Jewels
  UBM India has conducted this event with MRSS for a customer based survey is a very good idea because we rely on the feedback of only our customers but having mystery customers doing this survey for really unique. We thank UBM India for conducting these awards and we are happy to be a part of this initiative.
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